By Caroline Stewart

To some people serendipity can be cleaning the car and finding 20 bucks, to others going to the mall and being the 1,000,000 person and getting a free prize pack, so on, and so forth. Not for my Uncle Bobby and Aunt-to-be Joy. This is how the story goes:

It was a calm summer morning when one of my family friends was over for the night, and so was my Uncle Bobby who spends most of his time at my house. Neither of them had met before. Joy was already down in the kitchen, finishing her breakfast of Lucky Charms. Down the stairs came the usual thump, thump of Bobby. Bobby walked into the dining room to see Joy, his future wife. Then he walked into the next room, to brush his bed-head away.

Over the next few days, Bobby and Joy became closer and closer friends. Then Joy had to leave. Bobby and Joy arranged a trip to Africa, where Joy lived, in a few months.

After Bobby's first time in Africa they sent emails to each other. Their love for each other was growing. Then this summer Bobby popped the question. They are going to get married, next August.

Now I am back were I started, Uncle Bobby and Aunt-to-be Joy. Serendipity is a great experience for all people, young and old. I just hope that my serendipitous happening will be as wonderful as Bobby and Joy's.

Caroline Stewart
December 2001