We Did It!!!

Yes, this past August 3, Joy and I went and got married. For those who weren't there to celebrate the occasion, both ceremony and reception were at the splendid Woodbound Inn, amongst the verdant forests of southern New Hampshire. And what a party it was! Lots of good old fashioned dancin, swimmin, merry-makin', marriage-makin', creative vandalisin', lake tossin', brunch happenin', toastin' and roastin' fun. Best day of my life, no doubt, and I think Joy had a good time too. Those of you that did make it, we were so happy you could share the day with us. You really made it a party, you did - we were just the good excuse...

But of course we could never have done it alone. I want to thank everyone who played a part, which won't be easy because so many people helped us out for the big day. I hope I don't miss anyone in passing out my thanks - my sincerest apologies if I do - but I'm going to take that risk now anyway because I just want to let everyone know how grateful Joy and I are for all that these special people have done.

So, to begin, a special thanks goes out to the wedding party... Mr. Adam Q. DeQuattro made for an exceptional Best Man; he really went above and beyond, considering he was really just some hitchhiker we picked up on the side of the road. Andrea Greeley was a great Babe of Honor, who undertook that Herculean task of dealing with all the wedding invitations whilst Joy and I were out on safari in Namibia. Thanks also to attendants Nancy Miller and Umang Varma, both of whom lent much appreciated moral and logistical support; we are truly fortunate to have such wonderful friends.

And of course, we could never have had the wonderful ceremony without the wonderful Minister, Uncle Brad Greeley, the man who makes getting married quick and easy. Your check is in the mail, Brad.

Also, thanks to my Mom and Pops, who not only put together that great rehearsal dinner, but sprung for all that alcohol which I could tell that many of our guests enjoyed. Mom, you know one day I'm going to write a long poem about you and recite it to a captive audience. Dad, thanks for everything, especially for subsidizing the bachelor party - THAT was a date for infamy, I tell ya.

Thanks to my new Mother-in-Law, Ms. Louisa Dunlap, who not only helped out with the finances and inter-continental communication, but is truly everything I ever wanted in a Mother-in-Law. Well... except for the part about being a Red Sox fan, but at least we both can gripe about the Yankees!

And speaking of family, none of this would have ever even happend without my sister Annie and bro-in-the-law Scott Stewart; they get the credit for introducing Joy and I in the first place. Truly, this was all Annie's idea. Those not familiar with the story of how it happened ought to read this composition by Ms. Caroline Stewart. Thanks for letting us post that, Caroline.

The assist, of course, goes to my other sister who has also known Joy for longer than I have, Ms. Louise Williams. Thanks Louise for providing the music for the ceremony, and doing a great job playing on the Casio that Annie and Scotty got me when I was 10. Louise ought to win a grammie for Best Musical Performance Whilst Placating the Demands of a Two Year Old Daughter. Brian, thanks for the technical support, getting batteries and whatnot....

Extra special super-duper thanks goes out to the cousins across the lake, where we had that awesome brunch the day after the wedding. Rebecca smuggled a dozen loaves of banana bread into the country, and Helen smuggled even more up from Boston. This crowd really helped us a lot throughout the wedding process - from being receptive to our initial intentions to have the entire wedding at their house, to Rebecca's suggestion of the Woodbound Inn as a fine alternative once we had freaked out upon realizing just how much work was involved. Plus, they provided us with much appreciated hospitality the night before the wedding, including a fine pancake breakfast. Special thanks to Dana for keeping me busy playing whiffle ball prior to the big event. You may have beaten me 12-6, buddy, but I'll get you next time.

Thanks to our photographer, David, also from across the lake. Bet y'all thought he was a professional didn't ya? Nope, he's family - but he sure knew what he was doing! What a guy, we are ever so grateful for all the hard work he put in. David, you the man.

Thanks to Mama Sago, for all the work you did to arrange the Sunday brunch, and for cajoling the Greeleys into doing all the food and setup for that splendid event. And thanks, Greeleys, for being cajoled. You helped make that day a lot of fun.

Thanks to Cathie Greeley for doing flowers for the bridal party. Great job, Cath.

Thanks to Janet at the Woodbound, without whom we could never have pulled this off. My advice to anyone who is ever getting married, two words: Wedding Planner.

Thanks to the DJ, I don't remember his name, but was he a great DJ or what? I've never seen anyone get my Mom to boogie down like that before.

Thanks to the Rev. Carl Scovel, who put together a nice blessing for our meal on wicked short notice... and speaking of clergy, also a shout out to my man the Rev. Gary Scott, who wasn't able to make it to the wedding on account of heart surgery. Get better soon, Gary, I want to take a ride in your boat.

Thanks to Frank, for making my sister Katherine the happiest I've seen here in.... well, forever. And thanks to Katherine for not scheduling her wedding to up-stage mine. It's your turn next July... but don't worry about it, it's easy.

I'd like to thank my new brothers-in-law, Roger and Dan, for not beating me up when we met. And thanks to Rio for making this picture a classic.

Rog and Dan also helped out with the ushering (ushing?) along with my brother Gilbert. Thanks for that, brothers, hope you get some mileage out of those Zebra ties.

And while I don't want to get into thanking individuals for all the great individual wedding gifts right here(we'll send the thank-you cards out soon, I promise), we would like to thank Gilbert and his wife Judy for providing the wedding cheese. Also thanks to the Elkin family for transporting that cheese and other presents back to the Washington Area. I hope there is still some cheese left when we come to pick it up.

Speaking of transporting our wedding gifts, thanks to Jean and Jim Poole and their big white van for taking a stash of the the gifts down south, and to my new cousin Erica Greeley, who filled out her station wagon with all our wedding jonx as part of her big move down to Dupont Circle. And thanks again to the Stewart family for transporting the waffle iron, and not even using up all the waffle mix.

Thanks to all those NOT responsible for the damage done to my jeep. Sarah Jane, I heard a rumor that the shaving cream was your instigation.... heh heh heh... you just wait till it's YOUR turn, honey....

Finally a thanks to everyone who attended for making it such a fun time for all of us, and a special thanks to all those who could not make it, but who sent their best wishes along with their regrets. Joy and I would like to extend an invitation to all of you at this time, for another party on August 3, 2052, at the Woodbound Inn, to celebrate our 50th wedding anniversary. Hope you can be there!

Best Wishes,

Bobby and Joy